Our Quality Policy

As a manufacturer of transformer components our main objective is; by getting stronger in domestic and international markets make ENPAY a global brand. In order to achieve this goal with the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and cooperation with all our stakeholders, motivation and effective compliance, we are committed to fulfill the conditions, including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We will raise our productivity in order to increase our competitiveness in rapidly changing market conditions and meet customer demands "in the desired quality, time and amount".

As a follower and implementer of rapidly changing technology, we will make necessary investment.

We believe that maintaining an effective know-how and information with the aim of business continuity will help us to ensure the sustainability of our organization. We attach great importance to communication and information technologies for this purpose.

In order to support the ever-changing content of present policy and organization, quality objectives will be determined.  These will be periodically reviewed at the meetings of senior management.

Together with effective implementation of Quality Management System we are committed to improve customer satisfaction by demonstrating social responsibility approach throughout all business operations related to the production and delivery of our products.