Power Transformer Cores

Power Transformer Cores

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, ENPAY holds one of the largest capacity of Transformer Core Production, serving to its Customers located World-Wide.

ENPAY has different sizes and types of Power Transformer Core Cutting Lines and stacking tables in order to produce flat stacked laminations, and assembled Power Transformer Cores with weight up to 100 tons. All necessary insulation parts from transformer board or plywood for yoke clamping and winding supports are manufactured according to customer specifications and drawings if available. The cores are built on modern core stacking tables. Stacking on guiding bolts and most accurate setting of the leg supports on center distance enables to keep the geometrical dimension on leads to an absolute minimization of the air gaps. 

The completely clamped core is then swung into vertical position 90° by means of a hydraulically operated table platform, resulting in a tension-free-up-tilting. A pre-measurement of the core losses guarantees the required no-load losses.

The legs are bandaged if desired. Our customers receive complete cores with clamping structure and insulation parts.

The sheets may also be delivered as cut-to-length laminations depending on the preference of the customer. Seaworthy packing is applicable for over-seas shipments.

Distribution Transformer Cores

Distribution Transformer producers with its automized and advanced machine set-up which enables to answer flexible and rapid service requirement of Distribution Transformer Industry. 

ENPAY serves Distribution Transformer Cores are produced in the form of Ready Stacked Laminations or in the Assembled Form with Frames depending on the customer’s preference. Core clamps made of different type of materials are available subject to customer’s requirement.