Semi-finished Current Transformers up to 800 kV

GIS Type Current Transformers (SGCT)

GIS Type Current Transformers (SGCT) are intended to use in high voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear system to measure, protect and monitor the current flow in the system.

ENPAY SGCT are designed and manufactured up to 800 kV in accordance with the international standards and customer specifications by using state of the art technology in this field. SGCTs are produced as non-assembled individual units according to customer request and a different insulation is in place in order to allow for use in SF6 gas insulated systems.

Oil Type Current Transformers

Oil Type Semi-Finished Current Transformers are designed and manufactured according to ENPAY design or customer drawings. These transformers are provided with suitable interlayer and outer insulation of polyester film or crepe paper.