Exit Insulation System & Middle Exit System & Barrierboard

Exit Insulation System & Middle Exit System are produced in the form of wet moulding method and customized solutions are available supported by favorable prices and short lead times.

Exit Insulation System

Exit Insulation system is a critical insulation component that is used to provide not only a safe connection between the High Voltage Transformer Winding end and the bottom of the bushing, but it also allows a cost optimization of steel and mineral oil by minimizing volume. Predictive design of Exit Insulation System with ENPAYBOARD® material allows reduction of turret diameter by optimized barriers resulting in material savings at voltage level 420kV and 800kV. 

Thanks to state of the art design process and advanced properties of ENPAYBOARD® material, successful track record has also been achieved for 1200 kV Transformers.



Middle Exit System

Middle Exit System is recommended to make the active part safer and optimized when Regulating Winding is located outside of HV winding. 

Middle Exit System is an insulation component that enables not only a safe connection between the High Voltage Winding End and bottom of Exit Insulation Sytem, but also allows a cost optimization of less workmanship by easier assembly process. Thus, faults and risks due to workmanship are eliminated. 



Barrierboard is used to seperate the tap changer from the tank which reduces the impact of a possible tap changer failure on other components of transformer. It is made of Laminated Pressboard and has proper mechanical and electrical properties that  fulfills required voltage level between the contacts. In case a maintenance is needed on a tap changer, Barrierboard prevents taking the whole oil out of the transformer.  

Barrierboards are designed according to customer specifications.